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Elderberry Honey Lemonade

Elderberry Honey Lemonade

Posted on September 28 2022, By: Juliana Messina

Elderberry Honey Lemonade

This weekend Hudson, my 3 year old, and I got a little one on one time while Alicia worked outside and Avery napped. Hudson and I really love baking, cooking, and coming up with new recipes together. Sometimes we plan it out well and sometimes we throw something together on the fly. Either way, it is always a great mess and a good time!


As a previous kindergarten teacher I know the educational value of real life experiences are so important for development. For a young child, cooking exercises so many skills including fine motor skills, measuring, math, and instills practical life experience. I love that cooking together builds confidence and enables my toddlers to easily try new foods. Last week we made 5 ingredient granola bars from Minimalist Baker and Paleo Strawberry Banana Muffins from Shaungy’s Kitchen Sink. I highly recommend both recipes! They were both easy to follow and super healthy alternatives to the packaged stuff.


Yesterday Hudson’s request was lemonade, yum! Who doesn’t love a cold, refreshing glass of lemonade? I was so excited to introduce Hudson to this delicious, nostalgic drink. Since I am always trying to find a healthier version of some of our favorite comfort foods and drinks, I decided to swap out the sweetener and add elderberry syrup to the traditional lemonade recipe. This Elderberry Honey Lemonade was so tasty! It is easy to make and the best part is, you can adjust the lemon juice and honey to your liking. It is a healthier option for the kids since it has no refined sugar, just raw honey and elderberry to make it perfectly balanced. This lemonade is amazing as is, but you can add a splash of your favorite spirit for a great summer cocktail.

Elderberry Honey Lemonade

(makes 10-12 cups)


8 cups water

½ - 1 cup honey (depending on your preference – we used a full cup to make it extra sweet!)

1 ½ cups lemon juice (about 8-10 lemons)

½ cup J's Homemade Elderberry Syrup


Over low/medium heat, heat 8 cups of water and honey in a saucepan, stirring until well incorporated. Remove from heat and let cool. Squeeze juice out of 8-10 lemons, removing seeds. Add lemon juice and elderberry syrup to the honey water once cooled. Stir well. Pour over ice, garnish with lemon and enjoy!


**Please Note: Honey should not be consumed by children under 1 year old**