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Our Story

On a mission to proactively keep my family healthy in a natural way, I started J's Homemade in my kitchen.

At the time I was a Kindergarten teacher, returning from maternity leave. I wanted to strengthen my baby's immune system against the germs I knew I'd be exposed to in the classroom. My pediatrician recommended Elderberry Syrup as a part of our daily routine. I scoured the shelves at my local health food store and could not find a truly natural elderberry syrup without junky ingredients. All of the products had unfavorable ingredient lists including excessive sugar, artificial additives, stabilizers, and thickeners, and were highly processed. Feeling frustrated at the options out there, I decided to make my own. I sourced local organic ingredients & honey, and started brewing small batches in my kitchen.

After sharing with family and friends, our syrup took off in a local moms group. It became clear that moms were also looking for natural & quality products to support their children's health. The feedback was amazing! Parents shared that their children were sick less frequently and best of all, they loved the taste!

J's Homemade products are always crafted with organic ingredients. Ingredients matter to us, and we want only the very best for our family; and we want what's best for your's too! We are proud to be a part of keeping your family healthy!